Mental Golf - Play Like the Pro's!


Your own "secret mental coach" will give you the edge on the golf course - and improve every other area of your life!Mental Golf

You know that golf is 99% a mental you can get your game on with this powerful new CD set!  Guided imagery has been proven to improve mental focus and acuity - all you have to do is put on the headphones, listen to these fun, upbeat recordings and visualize your way to a better golf game!  Improve your focus, your skills and your golf game fast!

Improve your golf swing

          Superior Swing - Swing Like the Pros
Improve Golf Swing
Improve your swing and become consistent.  This part of the program gives you a routine that you can use, or you can use your own.  You will lock in that routine with the Emotive Visualization, not only training your brain to swing consistently, but also locking in that swing to your muscle memory, so your swing becomes a natural part of you and your body movements.  Your score will improve, you’ll find yourself being calm and confident on the course, and the best part? You’ll have a consistent, great game.


Improve your focus

          Hazard Help - Train Your Focus, Tame the Traps

Golf Hazards - Mental GolfThe short game is a very important part of the game and one that many golfers don’t pay enough attention to.  Use this CD to take strokes off your short game. This Emotive Visualization will take you through the steps necessary to train your mind and body to have distinct focus, so you have a sharpshooter’s view of your target, eliminating anxiety about hazards or other obstacles.  You’ll find it easy to use your best form and swing, and you’ll play great - despite any distractions!



Improve putting skills

          Hit Your Target - The Perfect Putt

Golf - the PuttSo many golfers fall short when it comes to putting.  You’ll learn how to use your mind to make these critical shots easy, and by using this visualization consistently, you will automatically improve your putting aim and skills.  Your inner mind is aware of every detail on the course - slope, wind, angles…it can automatically adjust your approach and swing if you train it how.  You’ll gain an intense focus, the ability to really hone in on your target - the hole, and be able to adjust naturally to conditions.


Improve your sports ability

          Sports Success - Unleash the Athlete

Improve SportsAs a golfer, you probably play other sports as well, or want to improve your physical condition in general.  This CD gives you the opportunity to really enhance your sports skills, no matter what the sport.  You’ll improve your hand-eye coordination, your confidence, your awareness in all sports.  You’ll find that your reflexes improve and you’ll see a difference in all your physical and mental activities. Play in the zone at will with Sports Success.



Mental Golf Training while you drive

          Drive Time - the Car CD      BONUS CD!

Improve Golf while you driveThere you are, on your way to the game - your wife (husband) didn’t want you to play today, you had a bad day at work, or you are worried about how you are going to look in front of your client or peers.  It’s time to listen to the car CD.  This CD has affirmations designed to help you feel confident and focused, as well as subliminal messages to reach your inner mind, helping you start off your game with a great attitude.  You’ll arrive at the course pumped, confident and ready to go.